Kitchen Fitting, Milngavie

New Kitchen Design and Installation, Milngavie

What was asked for:

The customer was looking for a more usable family space where they could socialise and spend time rather than use solely for the purpose of cooking. Older features and wasted space was causing storage problems and the kitchen to feel cluttered. It was asked that we work round the existing tiling and work on the flooring next year as the customer couldn't find flooring they liked but wanted to get on with the kitchen getting fitted before Christmas.

What we did:

We suggested the wall between the dining room and kitchen was removed to make way for a breakfast bar which would allow more of the family to congregate in the same room and spend more time together. 

A glossy, fuss-free kitchen was installed with modern handles and removing dated, open shelving at the end of cupboards so all clutter could be hidden away. Brand new appliances that suited the family needs more than before were installed and large floor to ceiling larders maximised storage and allows worktops to remain clear. 

New radiators and a new sink needed installed and eletrics repositioned with the wall coming out and the new kitchen appliances going in. 

Bespoke shelving was designed and installed to allow the family to have easy access to commonly used small appliances. This shelving was made from the worktop so there was a joined and smooth look to the shelving. 

The boiler was hidden in a larder which keep the room looking tidier and gave additional storage for mops and the vacuum cleaner. 

We'll be heading back to replace the flooring in a few months.

White walls finished the job and brought both rooms together and kept it really airy and bright. 

"We love our new kitchen, it's finished off the house and given us a fantastic sociable area, we can't stay out of it!"

“We'd been vaguely considering a new kitchen for a few years but after being so please with an extension that Clober Construction worked on for us we decided to take the plunge and ask them to bring the kitchen up-to-date too. 
We knew we wanted the kitchen to be more sociable and had the idea there'd be somewhere for the children to sit and play or do homework while we cooked but it was only when Trevor came to see the kitchen that he suggested the breakfast bar idea and wall removal. We instantly liked the idea and could see how it would add value to our family life.
The kitchen feels amazing now, we've barely left it since we have had it completed. It's so bright and is a lovely space - even the kids won't move from teh breakfast bar!
It's also worth mentioning that both for the kitchen and extension Trevor worked hard to ensure the messy jobs we completed while we were on holiday to cause minimum disruption. We're hugely grateful for this as it made light work of a daunting task and it was a delight to come home to the finished product.
We highly recommend Trevor and 'his boys' and wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future."